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Hubei fast three time Economic Daily Comments: take a key step to guard against systemic financial risks

recently, the implementation of \ The main banks in the

system are those with large surroundings, high complexity of settlement and operation, strong relationship with other financial institutions, and providing key services that are difficult to replace in the financial system. Once such institutions have huge risk events and can not operate without interest, it will have a huge impact on the financial system and the real economy, and even lead to systemic financial risks. It can be said that in terms of guarding against systemic financial risks, the main banks of the system have stabilized in Hubei for three times, and the banking industry and even the whole financial industry have basically stabilized.

The nurturing of the international financial crisis tells us that the main reason for the outbreak of the crisis is the unsound supervision and restriction of the major financial institutions in Hubei Province. Because of this, after the international financial crisis, deepening the supervision of the major financial institutions in the system and guarding against the problem of \ For our country, the banking industry plays a major role in our financial system. By the end of 2019, the total assets of China's financial institutions are 318.69 trillion yuan, of which the total assets of banking institutions are 290 trillion yuan. At present, ICBC, agricultural bank, China bank and Construction Bank have all been included in the list of major banks in the global system.

Learning from the international experience, China is constantly seeking to establish a regulatory model for the major banks in the system, and the overall arrangement for the identification, supervision and risk disposal of the major banks in the system has also been speeded up. In November of last year, the people's Bank of China, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the \ After the evaluation methods for the major banks in the system are released, we should also formulate and quickly introduce the evaluation details of the major insurance institutions in the system and the major securities institutions in the system. At the time of policy implementation, we should also take full account of the macro economic phenomenon, service for the real economy and other comprehensive factors, make reasonable arrangements for the introduction of the policy, implement classified policies according to the different types of financial institutions' own conditions, match the highly differentiated implementation plan of additional supervision, and set up reasonable transitional arrangements, so as to ensure that the policy can be implemented in a solemn and orderly manner.

(article source: Economic Daily - China Economic Net)


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